About SOCIALIZE AFRICA | Powered by Socialize Platforms Inc

SOCIALIZE AFRICA is one of a kind, a Social Networking Platform that has been created to bring the people of Africa and the rest of the world together to communicate, connect and share memories!


Socialize Africa is a platform that is family based, we believe that any one from the ages of 13 and above can use the platform. We can not guarantee content that our users create but as a company, we work hard to monitor information published on our platform to be family friendly .

2- Requirements to join the platform

You must be 13 years and above, it does not require you to pay any money to use Socialize Africa however if you want to to do sponsored post and Ads, there will be a fee associated to that based on your budget and how many people you want your Advert to reach.

2- Founder

Socialize Africa started as an idea by Brian Kiige Duncan who traveled far away from his home in Africa, living far away, he always desired to keep in communication with his family in Africa and all around the world and from that he wanted to start something that was purely based and focused on the Continent of Africa. From an Idea, then F.S.E Digital Marketing brought the idea into a concept and then created the platform for all people in and outside Africa to be able to connect, network and get together without any limitation.