The current system is incompatible
The current system is incompatible Jul 12

The current system is incompatible

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There are those who defend Blizzard because of this nonsense. They use weak arguments such as "if people are looking for Horde this is how it's going be, it's impossible to stop players from playing Horde", when it's quite possible.

Blizzard could allow faction change to Horde or Alliance for free, but they're not smart enough to permit it. They responded, "This was not an option offered in the first TBC" when they offered 6 months of game play that grants you the ability to purchase a Mount or Pet that wasn’t available in the original TBC. It completely ruins immersion as it's the only mount to have modern animation.

They're not able to bring the rabbit back into their hats. It's permanent change to the game. They also worry that cross-play could result in the identity of the alliance/horde becoming irrelevant this is a concern when you consider the amount of publicity it can generate.

The devil lies in the details. In examining the PvP servers there is a balance completely off. 40 percent alliance, 60% Horde. PvE is the reverse: 66 percent Alliance, 34 percent Horde.

What is the conclusion What is the conclusion? Players on the alliance side are more focused on PvE and this is evident in server selection and side distribution. The Horde side is more PvP-focused. This is the reason for the massive increase in queue times even though the sides are identical in general.

We can pretty much assume it won't work for one Free transfers from servers that had huge queues were not used. A change in the racial groups would require a massively overpowered to convince the players, because it has been demonstrated that in arena alliances, race relations, racial distinctions are better if all else is equally. This means that Horde PvPs want to be Horde and that's understandable.

It's weak because it can be easily avoided. It is possible to make it impossible to create new characters on Horde in the event that the population of the server rises to 55/45 Horde preferred. This will eliminate the possibility of the server becoming massively unbalanced.

The current system is incompatible with the very premise behind the game of two sides which has been the basis of Warcraft since its inception. A free change of faction (mind you, they can limit it to one time per account and any number of characters) that allows players to change the entire character of their characters would be an ideal option.

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