Throw in a few powder in the storage
Throw in a few powder in the storage Jul 06

Throw in a few powder in the storage

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Back in Lleyta, the doctor will thank you and let you speak with Ariannwyn. Make sure you open up your second pouch to receive 12 random blossoms, such as possibly torstol. Ariannwyn will tell you that your actual mission is ready, and will summon two archers and Eluned, who's to short you. You and Eluned will proceed to a new region of the forest, and Eluned will let you know about that which King Tyras was similar to before you, well, yeah. She will mention that among his guys was spying on Lord Iorworth to learn his plans, but has gone lost.

Eluned knew this specific soldier and knows for a fact that he has not been captured... yet. Personal Tyrall will appear, exhausted and hurt. The Iorworth Tracker will look right behind him and flip on protect from slipped and magic simultaneously. He will then jump behind a barrier and begin shooting at you. Hide behind the huge boulder to the south and speak to Tyrall to get some food, armor, and a steel halberd, though it's better to bring your own, rather a rune or better.

Strike the tracker with your halberd, since he is praying from ranged and magic, and is beyond reach of ordinary melee. When his health is gone, he drinks a potion, also may use protect from melee. When he can, Eluned will shout"NOW!!" , along with the archers who came with you will finish him off. Talk to Tyrall, also Eluned will teleport the two of you to Llyeta. Tyrall will say that he learned the mourners are collecting coal tar in the poison waste, which Lord Iorworth's mages have throw corruption spells on several of the lamps scattered around Isafadar. You must now complete the next two assignments, in any sequence:

1. Put on your full mourner gear and go to Arandar pass. Walk within the elven town for the very first time, and proceed immediately south for into the Death Guard HQ.

Go inside and speak to Ioffrdin Chillingworth, the chief of worldwide mourners. He will be angry, because apparently someone (you) has loathed a part of the woods where they were gathering herbs. Ask what the new assignment is and he will say that he wants large amounts of coal tar. Ask why and he'll say that's only for himself and Lord Iorworth to know.

Throw in a few powder in the storage bin east of you. Look for the bookshelf to receive a dictionary. Report to Chillingworth and provide him your potion. Together with the dictionary on your inventory, you'll be able to convince him that it really works. Chillingworth then receives a message in Iorworth, also leaves. Search the vault to get a puzzle. The mourners, it seems, want to burn down the entire forest, also Ardoungne too.

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