With King Lathas covertly working with them
With King Lathas covertly working with them Jun 24

With King Lathas covertly working with them

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Do NOT get in a fight from the citadel, or you will be caught. You have to remain out of sight of the guards in maze of corridors. When you reach the end, talk to the guard and ask him if he is brand new. He will say, yes he is, that's why he's a map of this place in his pocket, so that he does not get lost. Pickpocket him for the map. Go up the stairs to the south. There'll be a new maze today.

If captured in this particular one, you'll be told by the guards to show authorization, and if you fail, they will ask you to follow along with the office close to the entrance. The rebel elves can help you at this point, but you'll need to start all over. Therefore don't get seen. In the end of this maze, there will be an elf commander with a megahorn. He'll announce that all commanders would be to report to him to get a fast meeting about surprising Iorworth with a victory celebration. So now, the head general is out of his office, however, his plans aren't. Go upstairs.

A third maze, this one makes Mourning's End Part II seem easy. I won't detail it. In the end is the office of the head general. Have a papyrus, pencil, ink bottle out of his or her desk. Hunt his cupboard for the plans. Teleport to Llyeta and provide the programs to Ariannwyn.

Ok, now you have to prevent Lord Iorworth and King Lathas in precisely the exact same time. Ariannwyn is going to have every single one of the guys involved, including you. The very first portion of Iorworth's plan would be to get the mourners burn down the forest of Isafdar so they can discover the rebel elf base. The enchantments around Llyeta make that impossible, but if the forest is burned, countless elves living within it, not to mention the Tyras troops, may perish.

With King Lathas covertly working with them, the defense Ardougne puts up will probably be feeble at best. Ariannwyn hopes to counter it by teleporting the highly trained Tyras forces to East Ardougne, but a person will have to deal with King Lathas. You will have several Rebel Elves assisting you, but it's going to be dangerous.

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