Put everything on- the helmet will cover the incriminating
Put everything on- the helmet will cover the incriminating Jun 18

Put everything on- the helmet will cover the incriminating

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Whichever one you pick will inform you Eluned told them about your struggle with the Tracker, which because you're so good with a halberd, you might consider a crystal , which they've remembered how to create. Ilfeen will begin a conversation about your past adventures. Of particular interest to her is the fact that during Underground Pass, you resisted the attraction of Iban's demons and remained pure. She then concludes that you might make a good apprentice, also asks you to examine the Chanting of Seren.

Since you are not an elf, however, you would only ever be able to do it alongside an elf, or by using a crystal made specifically for whatever job you are doing. Accept, you may observe several cutscenes of your self studying the fundamentals. You're given a special crystal, and are advised to use this on various lamps round Isafdar to determine if they are corrupted. You know they are because if they are, a larger demon will appear. When you've killed the 5th demon, a Rebel Elf will appear and inform you that they took good care of the rest. Now you can get crystal pikes from Ilfeen and Iswylyn.

When both assignments are done, report to Ariannwyn for the dangerous mission yet. Go to Ardougne and talk with King Lathas about what occurred in Regicide.

He'll thank you for your solutions, and state he has already rewarded you. Listen at doorway and you'll hear a dialogue between King Lathas and one of Lord Iorworth's guys. You will discover that you were never intended to be their pawn in killing Tyras, but you knew a great deal, so he tried sending you to Iban's grip. Unfortunately for them, you beat Iban, which set back their plans, so they made up for this with you kill Tyras. The two will then agree the assault will happen at sundown.

Inform this shocking information to Ariannwyn, who will inform you that you must locate their plans. Since you've already proven your abilities over several elves will be dispatched under your control to infiltrate Prifddinas and also get a copy of the plans. Head back to the side deck together with your entire mourner gear, and speak with all the elven spies. Inform the town shield the"recruits" are with you. Don't forget to wear your mourner disguise constantly until you can get a different disguise. Once within this city, go back to Death Guard HQ, but turn west, and head into the armor store.

Inform the shop owner that you would prefer some armor. He notifies you that just those with a permit from the army commanders can buy it. Inform him that Chillingworth would like to test some armor, and the shopkeeper will dread.

Put everything on- the helmet will cover the incriminating portions of your mind, and so you will pass as an elf. The hat will also allow you to present as an elf. While wearing the clothes (not armor, clothing ), speak to some civilians. Most will say that they simply want the war to end, and are mad that it is being extended to Kandarin.

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