Not because I like that kind of music
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Not because I like that kind of music

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I am 17 and my mother is the same age as you, if she played acnh that would make me so frigging happy so that I only want you to know that you have the funniest hobby any mother could have and that I hope Your Children love that:,)I hate Lil' Nas' Songs, but I love how much he gets Beneath the skin of homophobes and religious nutters, this Lonely honestly makes me wish the best for him, I hope he becomes the biggest selling artist in the world and his music is played everywhere

Is he enjoy... green?? Lol that's the most egregious and weak argument for not letting a kid play among the most calm mannered movie games. Like. . My anxiety is bad as it's when I must do so in real life, please don't make me do so in game lol.

This was one hundred percent my parents growing up. Religious nuts. . Couldn't watch even children movies and reveals for its wildest of reasons. For instance. . No nightmare before Christmas, no Harry Potter. . Could not wear ANY black. . My music was censored. . My family was also somehow indifferent also. You understand. . make sense. Went BALLISTIC when they discovered notes that I had been writing to a woman. . And all that only for me to grow up, shave my head, and wed a girl??

I didn't have the safest discharge into the wild. Went mad for a bit. I fought with addiction and poisonous relationships. Mentally I was all over the place. I really like when I see parents today that embrace their kids interests and individuality at this young age. I feel as though I could have really benefitted had I had that sort of parenting. Luckily, a great deal of kids turn out fine despite their tumultuous childhood, but I'm the other end of the spectrum. I was never permitted to develop or find myself at a young age. I was made to feel like I had been ill, bad, and evil for feeling things beyond my control. I was not allowed to be myself at all. No solitude, I tried to be myself the best I could but everything had been controlled. And it just royally fucked me up. I rebelled hard at 18, but I was simply missing. I expect that no child ever has to feel the way I did, however, growing up under that Kind of control just isn't healthy for Anybody

Thank you for sharing this with me. It's not hard to see why someone with this upbringing would rebel and feel so lost. It's difficult to put into words precisely what that does to a person. I had no liberty of choice, however I had the illusion of it and stayed blind to how awful my ex gf was for 3 years. I left her two years ago, so I am only beginning to heal and try to find myself. I think I'm the opposite end of the spectrum, not rebelling, but terrified of creating space for myself on the planet. I have a tendency to shut off, conceal any aspect of my character, bury my feelings, and pretend to be someone I am not. My current gf is incredibly helpful and I feel like I am finally getting somewhere. The recovery can be so barbarous, but some people never recognize how it's affected their lives. It is not healthy. I just need my sister to understand it is not normal, it is not okay, it is not her fault, and things can get better.

Not because I like that kind of music (I truly don't) but because I had to find out what had folks undies in this bunch. My first idea was that he was appealing in dreads (he really is). And because I pay just 0 attention to entertainers personal lives (it's none of my business) my eyebrows did climb a bit during the"lap dancing" (that was not depicting some damn lap dancing ) and I thought"Oh! He is gay!" Satan? C'mon. . .it was clearly done with the purpose of achieving massively bunching undies by a specific segment of society (however I might be wrong).

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