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If you think there is anything else

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The obsidian staff (Toktz-mej-tal) hits 30% more difficult when from the Karamja Volcano*. While utilizing the special assault fire spells hit 33.3% faster and 20% harder. Mystic battle staffs cast three spells at a time when using the particular attack. This only applies when auto-casting contemporary magic spells. (Takes up 50% of the bar.)

Iban's team hits 20% more difficult using Iban's Blast and if auto-casting. (This means that Iban's burst can strike 30)(75%) Ahrim's personnel has a prospect of decreasing your foe's magic defense. (20%) The dramen team has a guaranteed hit of 30% the utmost hit of this cast spell. (This usually means that Ice Barrage has a minimal hit of 9.) This does not increase the maximum hit. Hits higher against summoned creatures. The slayer team is 25% more accurate against your Slayer task*.

These significant weapons need to strike much faster. Occasionally when fighting the DDS I can hardly get two casts in! Even when auto-casting my personality won't throw because he is too busy being battered. The fastest magic weapons will be the master wand and the master wand. The next fastest is the Guthix, Zamorak and Saradomin staffs. The ancient team, slayer staff, and mystic battle staffs come . The obsidian staff, Iban's staff and Ahrim's team will stay the same. Normal battle staffs belong .

The dramen and Lunar employees will be slightly slower. Normal staffs and Profession staffs are the slowest magic firearms. Thanks for your time! I understand this isn't my very best suggestion, therefore please leave lots of feedback! This notion is still in conception. Please, don't let this dissuade you from supporting. This spell was on my mind for some time now. It is one of the more straightforward suggestions I have provided here. It follows the main pattern of a Teleother Spell. The goal has the option (if Accept Aid is on) to visit the CASTER's home. This spell doesn't teleport the target to their home but to the house of this CASTER. I don't want that to be perplexing.

If you think there is anything else I've forgotten, let me know. NOTE: This would permit the goal to be in the caster's house alone. They did, however, gain access through the caster. This spell wouldn't work if the caster did not have a house. Maybe the caster can kick people out of their house when he or she's not inside the home.

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